Yarn Along

pink sweater


I’m joining Ginny today for Yarn Along

The pink sweater is actually progressing.  Slowly, but progressing.  A row here and there adds up slowly but steadily.  I’m hoping for serious knitting time this coming weekend.  This week I’m reading Why Is Milk White? & 200 Other Curious Chemistry Questions by Alexa Coelho and Simon Quellen Field.  So far the “Why” and “How” questions look like they’ll pique my older one’s curiosity.

  • Why does snow melt?
  • How do we make different colored fireworks?
  • Why are boys usually taller than girls?

She announced a couple of weeks ago that she thinks science is boring.  Good grief, that’s like egging me on to prove her wrong.  This is the fun of supplementing traditional school at home.

I think I’m now armed with a great resource for this little bookworm.  She won’t understand all of the book, but the bulk of the questions will be ones she’ll be able to comprehend.  While she’s busy reading the book I’m sure I’ll have to get busy finding some great experiments to hook her.  How could you not love science?  It’s so exciting and interesting.  But apparently I have to prove my case.  How’s your knitting?  Are you reading anything fun?

Whispers of Bacon During Mass


This Sunday we arrived at church only 5 minutes before mass so the only seats still available were on the front row.  Yes, that front row, the one mere steps from the altar with no kneelers. I like kneelers and a pew in front of me.  It gives my wee one clear physical boundaries.
And speaking of that wee one, she’s never been the quiet type. Sometimes her one quiet hour a week is during mass. And when it’s not, well, we spend quality time together outside. I prefer mild temperatures mind you. Wee one is undeterred by frigid or scorching hot ones but I’m a little more averse to the extremes.
Sunday our proximity to the altar made it easy for her to spot the incense rising. Thinking of Psalms and Revelation 8:3-4, I leaned over and whispered softly to her, encouraging her to look up at the incense rising toward heaven and Jesus like the prayers of the saints.
She looked at me with wide eyes and says “Mom, this incense smells like bacon cooking”.  Moan. Thankfully, she wasn’t very loud and probably went unnoticed.
My thoughts went to Jen’s recent story at her blog Conversion Diary recounting the first day she wore a veil to mass and how her child spoke loudly during the homily. I am ever so grateful I escaped without the new label of “The Lady on the front row with the girl who said the Incense smelled like Bacon.”IMG_4747
I realized that when I spoke I created opportunity for conversation in her mind so for the rest of mass I stayed silent.  After all, it was challenging enough to simultaneously pray with eyes shut while making sure my wee one kneeling on the floor didn’t wiggle too far in the path the communion line in front of our pew.  Fortunately the other parishioners did escape unscathed, not having been tripped by the tiny Bacon Girl.IMG_4746

Yarn Along

IMG_4738 Joining Ginny today for a Yarn Along post.

I’ve been remiss in posting lately as I take on some other creative projects for my side job doing web design and logos.  I was able to work on a fun project designing a logo and a business card for a client about a week ago.  I have two client websites simmering along in the development stage too so I’m very busy!IMG_4733

I love that work but I’ve been missing knitting time.  Last night I was able to dedicate some time to working on the lace section of the sweater.  It was wonderful to knit and read for awhile.  My little sweetheart was only somewhat awake this morning before school and she barely allowed to me to snap pictures of her in the sweater.  It was so hard for her to smile when she was so sleepy!

Right now I’m re-reading Jane Austen’s Persuasion and flipping through Paleo Comfort foods for some good cooking inspiration.  We have to eat grain free around here so some I’m loving this cookbook.  My favorite cookbooks have pictures for most every dish and this one delivers!  The biscuits and sawmill gravy is the recipe that grabs me today…I need to slip that into the menu in the next few days.  Meanwhile I’ll be searching for some new dinner ideas. IMG_4728