A Winter Walk

A light overnight snowfall after an evening of blowing rain left us with a beautiful morning for a walk Friday. The little ladies enjoyed the crunching and cracking sounds of the ice and snow under their boots. These boots don’t get much wear with mild winters but it was so much fun to have an excuse to wear them!

Do you remember not being able to sleep at night because you could see the first snow of the year falling outside your bedroom window? My wee ones confessed to staying up watching it. Their excitement had not diminished by morning so what I envisioned as a winter walk was initially a run.


Then it was time to explore. The majestic magnolia trees are a draw in any weather and lend themselves well to imaginative play- what a magical place for shelter.

The sunlight was very bright and the temperatures were hovering around freezing. Do you see my little friend sneaking into the picture below? One moment she wasn’t there but when she saw me pull out the camera she quickly snuck in behind her sister.

On the walk home we made some mini-snowmen… or rather ice men and we saw¬†robins enjoying the mud and worms left after the storm.

The glassy ice over a puddle was irresistible… what does it feel like? What will it do if I push it just so?

The chunks of snow turned to ice were carried like prized treasures on the walk home until cold fingers dropped those frozen finds along the path. It is so hard to believe it was 70 degree weather last weekend and now we have snow and ice! I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

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