Indoors on an Icy Day

Other than a walk to explore our ice-covered world this morning, we’ve been indoors staying toasty since midday yesterday. I’ve tackled wayyyy too many loads of laundry and the kids have been playing games, reading, schooling and creating a little “Hobbit Hole”.

The littlest angel has been working on her handwriting while I fold laundry.  Today she copied a simple prayer from the Seton Homeschool Kindergarten Catechism.  It was sweet listening to her sounding out the words to the Glory Be as she carefully checked the book to make sure she was spelling correctly.
I generally have her do her best job with minimal assistance and then we go through the copywork editing it together afterwards.  At this mid-Kindergarten stage we both check for capitals only at beginning of sentences and proper nouns, adding space between words, making sure letter stems are the correct length, and making sure letters like a, o, n, and w etc. fill up/fit neatly between the mid-line and the base-line.

She’s still in that phase where some of the prayers come out funny with misspoken words.  Lately she mixes up Glory Be TO the Father etc with the Sign of the Cross “In the name OF the Father etc” and makes the Sign of the cross saying  “In the name of the Father and TO the Son and TO the Holy Spirit”  I try hard to keep a straight face and fail miserably most of the time!
The little evangelist can exuberantly explain to anyone that she makes the sign of the cross to remind herself of grace and her baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but correct prepositions escape her.  I’ll continue take correct understanding over speaking with bonus laughs any day… wouldn’t you?

My older darling thought she would start her South America Unit Study in another world.  Reading and re-reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings has led to various forms of imaginative play including today’s sheet-tent hobbit hole in the corner of the bedroom.  Hands of a Child has their South America Unit Study discounted to $9 so I’ve paired this notebooking unit with some homemade Map Study of the continent.
I’m interested to see what questions and research interests this fuels.  I’d like her to pick a topic of interest at the conclusion of the study and do a little digging at the library to write up a report.  This is what my 5th grader calls sneaky teaching… sure that’s me, keeping her on her toes- so terrible me making her love learning.  Ha!  With her school teacher and I both developing her mind, she doesn’t stand a chance to hate it.



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  1. Hello Sarah! Thanks for stopping by! My children kept asking me, “Any comments yet?” And yours was the first to come through. 🙂

    Your daughter is a sweetie pie and I have to admit, I actually teach my children to make the sign of the cross when saying the Glory Be. I compare it to when we are taught to bow our heads at the name of Jesus during the Hail Mary. I figure since they’re such holy words no matter what prayer they’re in, we might as well.

    Now teaching them the precise words to the Sign of the Cross? That’s the tough one over here. It usually comes out like this for our littles, “Name of a Father, Son … mumble, mumble, men. ;-D

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