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pink sweater


I’m joining Ginny today for Yarn Along

The pink sweater is actually progressing.  Slowly, but progressing.  A row here and there adds up slowly but steadily.  I’m hoping for serious knitting time this coming weekend.  This week I’m reading Why Is Milk White? & 200 Other Curious Chemistry Questions by Alexa Coelho and Simon Quellen Field.  So far the “Why” and “How” questions look like they’ll pique my older one’s curiosity.

  • Why does snow melt?
  • How do we make different colored fireworks?
  • Why are boys usually taller than girls?

She announced a couple of weeks ago that she thinks science is boring.  Good grief, that’s like egging me on to prove her wrong.  This is the fun of supplementing traditional school at home.

I think I’m now armed with a great resource for this little bookworm.  She won’t understand all of the book, but the bulk of the questions will be ones she’ll be able to comprehend.  While she’s busy reading the book I’m sure I’ll have to get busy finding some great experiments to hook her.  How could you not love science?  It’s so exciting and interesting.  But apparently I have to prove my case.  How’s your knitting?  Are you reading anything fun?

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