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I am joining Ginny for today’s Yarn Along at Small Things

My knitting has been sadly relegated to last place for many weeks. All other crafting and sewing took priority in preparation for Christmas. I found out the hard way that knitting a new-to-me lace pattern that requires customization should never be done when tired or when there won’t be time to finish a section of a row. I think that in total I have ripped out the lace 3 times. I seem to be on a roll again as of Sunday and am now carefully marking my pattern to keep track of my place. I had almost given up on the lace and moved on to the mindless circle knitting in the arms but a knitting friend patiently helped me find a few mistakes and start afresh.

 This week I’m reading Joan Pagano’s Strength Training for Women. I like this one because it lists a category of exercise… for instance Upper Body shows a series of exercises in thumbnail pictures broken up into rows based on difficulty level. I don’t like flipping through a huge book to remind myself of good weight training ideas- having a two page spread of my options seems so quick and easy to follow. Whenever I need to pull myself out of a rut or start exercising again it is a wonderful motivator.

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    • Thank you Tara! I had so much fun dyeing this particular yarn. I was holding my breath a little as I washed out the skeins the first time but it was truly colorfast. I’m so glad with as much washing as this sweater will need to survive the everyday dirt playful children accumulate 🙂

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